Accounting Band
Maintenance of Books of Accounts on decided frequency and shall cover
  • Keeping the accounting data up-to date.
  • All Statutory compliances covering Sales Tax/VAT, Tax Deduction at Source (Withholding taxes), Service Tax, Excise Duty, through automated accounts.
  • Where required, maintenance of the accounts with advanced features providing the Cost or Profit Center information, Budget vs. Actual, Inventories or any required exceptional reporting to enable the management to take timely any corrective action required.
  • Scrutinizing the accounts for correctness and completeness.
  • Reconciliation of accounts balances with Banks, Creditors and Debtors on regular basis.
  • Follow-up on the Irregularities found in any of the transactions which may not in order, which may cause or likely to cause a financial loss to the client.
  • Preparation of Periodic Financial Statements in compliance with all applicable accounting standards.
  • Preparation of other Detailed Accounting reports enabling the management to effectively leverage the usage of available funds, monitor profitability at contribution/gross margin levels, efficiently manage the working capital and take various other informed decisions.
These services can be provided either by deputing full-time team or visiting on mutually decided frequencies.
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